Elizabeth Fullerton

How did I end up as a Recovery CoachHow did I end up as a Recovery Coach—it is a long and winding road. I married at 20 (still married), finished college, and at age 22 fulfilled my lifelong dream of being a kindergarten teacher. Our jobs afforded us the opportunity to live and work in many parts of the world.

Along the way, I had 4 children, finished a Ph.D., and went from teacher to administrator. As often happens in life the joys of promotions, graduations weddings, and grandchildren, are balanced with, DUIs, court hearings, divorces overdoses, loss of family members, and sadness.

What did I do? I drank more, I worked more, I yelled more, I made more friends, I did everything more and to the outside world, I made “more” look easy. The inside me was sad, unsure, and wondering where I had gone. And I drank more, trying every trick to moderate. Until I decided to quit and it is hard, but I deserve to be alcohol-free. And you deserve it! Your life is worth more.


What Moms Are Saying About Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s group meetings were very helpful and encouraging! I left each meeting feeling supported and empowered. Elizabeth provided a wealth of personalized and general suggestions for how to implement positive parenting techniques, specifically while in recovery. I would highly recommend her group coaching services to women in recovery!

-AGM, mother of 4 young children