Getting Support

Motherhood is not an easy prospect. Expectation of our behavior is high, we are to raise our children, spend time with friends, take care of our household, stay with a partner, work (for money) or not work. How do we cope? We work out, go to counseling, meditate, journal, bake delicious meals, embrace the chaos, but in fact, mothers drink alcohol at Saturday lunch, at Sunday Brunch, while cooking dinner or after our children are in bed.

We are showered with messages that alcohol will wash our problems away, it will make the days more sparkly and the evenings more bearable. The messages are false promises for us and for our children. Instead, you snap at your children, you fall asleep on the couch, waking up with a headache and lack of routine. Or you forget permission slips, homework assignments… At 5pm, when you are picking up your children your heart pounds in anticipation of that first sip of crisp cool Skinny Girl wine. Perhaps your children are vying for your attention or dragging their feet, and instead of slowing down the moment you snap because the bottle is calling your name, not Mom, Mommy, Mama, but your actual name.

Is alcohol causing your life as a woman and a mother to be less than ideal? Are you ready to focus on your mental wellness and physical…… while taming the chaos at home? Have you had one too many arguments with your children? Maybe it is time to reach out to Recover Your Family.

Mother Strong Coaching Program

Individual coaching is provided for Mothers who are in recovery, seeking recovery or sober curious. Addiction is a family disease, but mothers take on the disease and the family life. Moms feel personally responsible for keeping everything together, fearing for her family’s survival. We feel fear, stress, anxiety, resentment, anger and stress-related health issues.

Over 20 years of mothering, training as a health and wellness coach as well as recovery coach she understands how our children’s life can get in the way of your life. Her program focuses on your mental wellness, physical wellness, and spiritual growth.

Do you need to build yourself up so you can meet the demanding needs of the disease without losing yourself along the way? Are your “shoulds’ getting in the way of your growth and happiness? What are you avoiding, and how is it hurting you? Personal Healing takes time and includes developing an understanding of how-to best care for yourself in the presence of the chaos that accompanies this disease.

Investment: $1,200 for 3 months

Create a personal vision and plan for your life.

Develop goals to work on your personal wellness.

Increase your knowledge of addiction and recovery

Program includes:

  • one 75-minute coaching call for vision planning , goal setting and topic development
  • one 60-minute coaching session per week for 3 months
  • email and text support
  • personalized plan and resources

Mothering In Recovery Coaching Program

Mothers United is designed to bring a small group of mothers together, once a week, to work on topics that resonate with all of us. Topics may include: strengthening relationships, communication with addiction professionals, finding evidence-based resources, caring for yourself.

Program includes:

  • 6 weeks of small group meetings.

  • Topics: Positive Communication, Routines and Rituals, Boundaries, Natural and Logical Consequences, Children and Triggers

  • Practice using SMART (Specific, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goal strategy.

  • Resources for continued learning.

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Text Group

  • Easy Online Platform

Investment: 3-month group program, subscription of $300 per month. Maximum 6 Mothers.

Next Group Begins July 5th, 2021, register today!

Learn mothering skills to tame the chaos at home.

Implement, put yourself first, routines to increase your availability to others.

Fulfill your plan to be an alcohol or substance free Mother!

Why join a mothering group?

Recovery can be a lonely journey and motherhood is often a solitary endeavor. Mothering in Recovery combines learning positive, purposeful skills for your mom life and your own while you are in recovery or contemplating recovery.

The group provides comradery, accountability, practical applications and a new way to think about mothering without drugs or alcohol to numb daily life.

Moms Look to Elizabeth for Support

“I really learned so much from Elizabeth’s - Parenting in Recovery Workshop. All of the sessions provided me with multiple tools to help me in my parenting journey. Elizabeth was a great coach, very encouraging, supportive, and filled with knowledge. I would definitely recommend her course. Thank you so much Elizabeth!”

G. mother of 1 preteen and 1 teen